Event planning trends for 2021

2020 has certainly changed the way we look at events. From social distancing to going virtual, we’ve had to adapt pretty quickly. So, going forward, we have a better idea of what to expect and how to navigate event planning for 2021. 

With hybrid events looking like the most popular event trend and the inevitable shift to outdoor venues, let’s see what the future holds for event planning trends.


Hybrid events

2020 has shown that you can host a successful event online without having any physical attendees. So, as expected, virtual events are here to stay!

There may however be a slight shift to hybrid events, which combine both in-person and virtual experience. This way, audience members can decide whether they’d like to attend in person or online; making the event appeal to more people.

A great way to host a hybrid event would be to set up a socially distanced IRL venue that people can attend if they wish. Then, also present and address your attendees via a large screen or live stream so that those who are attending online feel as though they are there.


Outdoor events

It’s more than likely that social distancing isn’t going anywhere soon. So, as we enter into 2021, in order to ensure safe distance and minimised human contact, it’s likely that the majority of events will have to be held outdoors

There is so much potential when planning an outdoor event as it is much easier to socially distance and allows for more guests. But to create an event to remember, whilst ensuring it is safe for your guests requires a plan that covers all bases: how to fill the space, what furniture to use and most importantly, how to keep everyone socially distanced. 

You’ll have to consider spacing out tables, how you’ll decide to cater the event and ways to minimise contact. To get you started, here at Juno Hire we have a great selection of stylish outdoor dining tables that wouldn’t look out of place at an outdoor event.


Focus on sustainability

It’s no longer just a buzz word or something that makes you sound good. ‘Sustainability’ is a lifestyle choice and something that is essential to consider when planning an event. Because of this, it’s set to be a key trend for 2021. 

In order to reduce the amount of waste that comes with event planning, why not think about hiring furniture or any other decor you need instead of buying it new. At Juno Hire, we have a huge selection of furniture hire to suit any event – go check it out for some inspiration.

As we expected, it looks as though many trends that dominated 2020 event planning will continue into next year. We are still very much restricted when it comes to planning events, but we look forward to seeing how people choose to adapt the options that we do have to create memorable and striking events.


Posted on 21st December 2020

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