Interior trends to look out for in 2019

It’s only the beginning of January but we’ve already got a list as long as our arm of exciting interior trends. Here are five of our favourite trends to look out for this year…


Things are getting curvy


We encountered a sense of fun and intimacy within the furniture on show at the Design Miami last year, and this trend looks set to carry on for 2019 with curved sofas being particularly popular. Curvier forms create a greater feeling of closeness in a time when we are all too prone to solitarily staring into our little square phones. And don’t fret, gone are the days of oversized, garish curved sofas that were only fit for odd-shaped rooms; these new contenders are elegant and interesting in equal measure.

Take a look at our curved Gatsby Sofa for hire here.



Recycled goods


Just like the fashion and food industry, the interiors industry is becoming ever more focused on sustainability. Us consumers are now much more interested in where our belongings come from, as well as wanting less run-of-the-mill furniture and more unique, one-off pieces. What makes eco-friendly furniture especially exciting in 2019 is the abandonment of the stereotypical bohemian aesthetics that often come with recycled goods. This year, sustainable furniture is proving to be sleek, minimal and timeless.

Take a look at our eco-friendly High Hairpin Console Table made from reclaimed scaffolding boards here.


Velvet’s not going anywhere


Ah velvet, the gift that just keeps on giving. By far the biggest interior craze of 2018, the popularity of velvet furniture doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, on the contrary, Pinterest searches for velvet furniture went up 400% over just six months. It’s no wonder, as this covetable fabric is now more affordable than ever and yet still evokes a sense of high-end glamour.

Take a look at our velvet Mayfair Sofa here.



A touch of gold


A revival in luxe pieces has led to people looking for the finer details in their home to stand out. Over the past two years or so, copper accents have been all the rage but in 2019 there is going to be a shift towards truer gold colours. Door handles, table legs and gold-plated crockery are just a few examples of ways gold is integrating into our interiors.

For a touch of gold in your furniture hire, take a look at our Dinky Sofa here.


Under the sea


Along with an explosion in coral pink and coral themed interior pieces (Living Coral has been announced as Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year), scalloped edged and shell-style furniture has also been surfacing in our trend forecasts. This oceanic trend may be a reaction to the moving Blue Planet documentary by David Attenborough where he called for an end to rubbish dumping in our seas.

Take a look at our sea shell-esque Dinky Armchair for hire here.



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Posted on 14th January 2019

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