Running a virtual event, our top tips

While the event industry is on hold, it’s time to get creative. There’s still ways to bring people together and we’re going to show you how. Virtual event planning may sound a little complicated, but we’ve all got used to setting up Zoom calls with our friends and colleagues, and a virtual event is essentially a more put together, curated version of this. Running a virtual event is a simple way of getting people together. It’s a great way of attracting new customers and giving existing customers something to talk about. Here are our virtual event tips…

Event ideas

From how-to’s, workshops, webinars, social live streams or showing off new products, virtual events are a brilliant way to gather your audience in one place and communicate with them directly. It’s a great time to get creative and adapt to this new normal. Why not let people behind the scenes? Give people a video tour or show them how you work and how your products are made. Engaging content like this will make your audience feel more connected to your brand.


Social media live streams

Social media channels are your businesses most valuable asset at the moment. Allowing you to stay connected and communicate directly with your audience, take advantage of what these platforms have to offer and have a go at hosting a social live stream. Use Instagram or Facebook live to run a Q&A or behind the scenes feature. This way, people can ask questions and discuss in real time. 

Create a plan

Treat your virtual event as you would a normal event. Plan what the event will consist of, when it will be held, what you’ll speak about and for how long; look into audience engagement here and when they are most active. All of this needs to be considered to run a smooth, engaging event that is worth people’s time. You then need to sort out if your audience will be required to register for your event and what platform you are going to use. 

Get promoting

So, you’ve created a plan and scheduled a time to go live, now it’s time to get promoting! For starters, if you’ve got a mailing list, let your subscribers know well in advance and don’t forget to drop them a reminder closer to the time too. Your social channels are your best friend when it comes to promoting an event and reaching a large number of people, so make sure to let everyone know over on socials. You could even create a hashtag for the event so that attendees can share details and build up a bit of a buzz around your virtual event.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience, virtual events are definitely something you should be exploring. Have fun with it, get creative and host an event that gets people talking.



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Posted on 29th June 2020

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