The Juno Guide to 2020 Furniture Trends

With an impending New Year, a plethora of new 2020 furniture trends await. A sign of the times, as we reach a new decade there are strong themes of comfort, simplicity and calm to retreat from an increasingly busy world as well as earthy, organic materials lamenting human connection with the natural. New year, new you, new furnishings for a fresh start. 


Biophilia- “love of nature” 

As society reconciles with climate change and sustainability, bringing natural elements from the environment into a space helps create a peaceful escape amongst the madness of an increasingly disconnected modern society; build a haven. Elements like wood, metals and stone work harmoniously,  drawing us back to nature and making any space warmer and welcoming. Made from reclaimed materials, you can hire Wooden Egg Table and the Straight Floorboard Bar to weave the ecosystem into your surroundings with gorgeous, organic earthiness. 


Retro Glam and Rich Tones

A century from the roaring 20s, we return to Gatsby-esque opulence with beautiful curvature and rich, glamorous materials. With a colour palette or royal blue and ruby, and sparkles of metallic, this trend is all about making a bold statement, making it one of our personal favourite 2020 furniture trends. Adorn a space with the Gatsby Sofas, in powder rose for feminine allure or black velvet for sophisticated decadence. 


Structured Simplicity

This trend focuses on making spaces feel safe and inviting to rest and regenerate in the new year. Build simplistic, careful, calm, warm spaces for guests to retreat from the stresses of modern life. Introduce the Dexter Sofa or Wingback Sofa for a relaxed, comfortable, but not overly minimalist vibe for new, contemporary beginnings. 



Sculptural Side Tables

Make your furniture work overtime like the rest of us by simultaneously acting as stylish display surfaces and also statement artwork pieces in their own right. The Carla Tables and Luna Tables are amazing investments if you want to introduce serious talking points in a room. 


Black and White

Ying & Yang. 2020 is all about geometric balance. Welcome the statement return of black, transforming any function into a luxury, high-end occasion. Black can often be an intimidating colour to dominate a space, thus adding flecks and dashes of white can alleviate this with classic, beautiful contrast. We are looking forward to this timeless trend’s revival. If this sounds like it fits perfectly with your events theme, then our Geo Stools or Hexa Chairs could be perfect. 



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Posted on 16th December 2019

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