Top 5 event planning apps you need to try out

Since we’re all a bit out of practice with event planning, we wanted to share our favourite event management apps that can help to revive those skills of yours, spark some new ideas, and make life a little bit easier.

Using an app to help plan an event will not only save time and keep you organised, but they’re also a great platform for generating new ideas and keeping yourself on track.

2020 saw the whole world switch to online platforms and rely on technology more than ever before, so we believe that to get ahead of the game this year, it is going to be crucial to be up-to-date on the technology that can shave valuable minutes or hours off of your to-do list and plan an unforgettable event.

Bizzabo app for event planning


This event planning app is an all-rounder and can be used for face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events (ideal if we have to navigate any restrictions again). Aside from helping you become a super organised host, what stood out to us was the option to create a website for your event. This feature would be excellent for communicating with attendees pre-event and keeping them up to date with any changes, but also when it comes to personalising the event to suit your guests wants and needs.

Top Table Planner

Top Table Planner pretty much does what it says on the tin. The app simplifies the task of organising your seating plan, with the option of dragging and dropping guests to create the perfect plan and then sharing them with your venue and suppliers. This may seem like a super simple idea, but if it saves time and streamlines the process of event planning, it’s worth jumping on board with.


Team organisation tool, Asana is a great app for event planning. Its main features will help you to simplify project work and dedicate tasks to your team members. Remaining organised and connected is a must when putting on an event. By creating a timeline with Asana, you’ll be able to see your event come together and ensure that nothing is missed. We particularly love the feature that allows you to create collaborative boards for each stage of the timeline – encouraging creativity and teamwork.

Planning pod

There are a few ‘all in one’ event planning apps out there and Planning Pod is most definitely one to try out. With everything in one place, this events management app helps to streamline the planning process through virtual working. So, if you need to reach out to employees and ask for their opinion, this can all be done in-app so that everyone remains on the same page! 

Using the app Asana on mobile for event planning


We tend to turn to Eventbrite for event planning inspiration. The app is full of great resources and trend lead blog posts that really help to spark creativity and kickstart that mood board for your event. If you’re new to hosting events or would like to reach a large number of people, you can also create, promote and sell tickets via this platform!

We want to be clear here, there is nothing wrong with picking up your phone and using an app for some extra help when it comes to planning your next event. We need to give ourselves some credit, after all, we have had a whole year off! As long as it helps you to create an event to remember, give some of these apps a try – you never know, they may transform the way you think about event planning.

Event planning using apps on mobile and laptop



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Posted on 25th March 2021

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