Virtual pop-up shop planning, our tips

With the event industry on hold yet again, event planning has moved back online. So, seems as we are all better prepared this time and experts at online communication. Why not up your virtual event planning and host a digital pop-up shop?

A virtual pop-up shop is essentially an event to showcase your store by constructing a unique online shopping experience without actually having anyone in store. You would run the event alongside your online shop as a way to build awareness and create a refreshing, yet memorable customer journey.

As a short-term project, it’s the perfect opportunity to reveal a new product line, discuss your bestsellers or even to launch your new brand and entice the attention of your community. 

Let’s take a look at how we would go about hosting a virtual pop-up event.

What platform?

Firstly, you need to decide which platform you are going to host your event on. Will it be a Zoom call? With Zoom you have the benefit of break out rooms to discuss various products with set groups of people. Or will you choose to go live on Instagram to connect with your following, and potentially reach new audience members.



The pop-up event is your end goal, but how are you going to get there. 


Promotion is key

You have to get the word out there, set the date and time and create some buzz. You could perhaps post an announcement on your Instagram or send out an email invite to your subscribers. Once you have informed your audience of the event, you can then build up some excitement and post reminders every couple of days to increase awareness.

video call in action for a virtual pop up shop

Technical checks

It may seem obvious, but the last thing you want is a technical glitch when you’re mid-conversation. So just double and triple check your wifi, audio, video quality and that you’re well lit and can see everything in the screen before going live.


Setting up

Unlike a normal pop-up store, you’re going to have to think about how best to display your products virtually. We would recommend setting up a backdrop and creating a setup with the products behind you. This way, you can easily reach them if you need to talk about certain products in further detail. 

virtual pop up shop in action

The main event

Consider the audience’s journey. Think about the intro (virtual pop-ups are a little out of the ordinary, so let your audience know exactly how it’s going to work) and how you’re going to entice people in. Next up, the main event! Give some personality and let your audience get to know your brand. Be engaging, but also don’t forget to let the audience know how they can engage too, for instance when to get involved and when to sit back and watch. Show you expertise and really sell those products! Finally, when you’re signing off, will there be q&a at the end and how are you going to direct them to shop the products afterward.


The aftermath

As you are running this event alongside your online store, it’s important to have the items from the pop-up accessible and on sale afterward. It’s a good idea to have a separate Pop-Up page on your website or in your Linktree. This way, your audience can navigate straight to a product they had their eye on without having to sift through your entire website.



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Posted on 16th December 2020

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